Praggya believes in not just developing achievement oriented skills but also developing humane values in students.

Praggya institute, jaipur is an institution established with the object of providing high quality education in the legal domain. Seemaa dhameja, who has dedicated her life to the service of the nation through education, teaching at praggya institute, started with effect from 3rd december 2006.

Praggya institute, is founded on real life challenges. It is an institution that is devoted to prepare a generation of law professionals capable of facing future demands confidently. Its distinguished faculty is fully committed to their assignment. It takes pride in maintaining an exceptional learning and research environment.

Praggya is fully geared to provide its students with an innovative and stimulating exposure. The academic community works in cooperation towards that goal with great enthusiasm. The institute atmosphere is pleasant and positive with an absorbing schedule. The students are equipped to develop a legal temper. The high-quality legal education integrates their legal concepts with an incisive and practical understanding of law. The programme develops the general skills and core competencies essential for legal education. The focus is on development of the capacity to analyze and reason, oral and written communication, knowledge application, intellectual curiosity and professional integrity. The institute offers an extraordinarily atmosphere in which students, faculty and staff work together. It is one the finest law institutions and has all the requirements that a institution needs to strive ahead. we wish our students a bright future.

praggya today is a young and professional organisation and a smart, experienced team that works to support law aspirants and law students through a wide variety of products and offerings.

We endeavour to provide exceptional faculty and proudly praise to have one of the best faculties among the national institutions engaged in imparting legal education. The faculty at praggya comprises highly acclaimed and experienced academicians who are proactively involved in grooming the younger generation to take praggya to greater heights. We bring together teaching of the highest quality, a focus on practical skills and modern learning styles to deliver perfect preparation for life in legal practice and ongoing professional development.

Our program participants become better equipped for leading positions in law firms, corporate legal offices, academia, the judiciary and government – at the international, national and local levels. Participants benefit not only from our distinguished faculty and guest lecturers, but also from the many professional and social activities.

Praggya Institute of Law offers admission for law coaching programs to only selected students who are capable of doing law education and having good academic records. As we all know law education is not like other education need hard work, regular studies and always need to remain in touch with updated rules and regulation established by any of the concerned authorities.

While admission students need to buy prospectus where they have to mention their academic records, name, family details, interest, field to choose and many other details need to be required at the time of admission. Mode of payment of fees can be choose from any option mentioned on the prospectus.

At pragyaa we are passionate about grooming leaders who are not only thorough professionals but also good human beings with values and sanskars. This is just one of the many reasons given below, why we are consistently ranked no.1.

Above all, faculty members at Praggya institute love to teach. They are eager to share their broad knowledge and unique methodologies with students both in and out of the classroom, and they offer an extensive variety of courses and hands-on learning experiences. Employing the Socratic method and innovative teaching techniques, Praggya faculty members engage students in lively classroom discussion that stimulates each students intellectual and professional growth. praggya institute has experienced and eminent Academicians, Researchers in law disciplines.