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New batch starting from 19th March 2018


Fees: 30,500/- for RJS Pre. and Mains Coaching (Law and Language)

Fees 12,000/- (pre. and mains Test series----250 papers).

·         Our role in success

·         Teaching method involves lectures, discussions , case study , test papers , class representation , viva-voce , seminars etc.

·         A responsible highly qualified & experienced faculty of renowed lecturers ,Retd. Judges & University Professors.

·         Institute has a strong commitment to impart ‘Education with purpose’.

·         Maintains regularity in studies.

·         Previous topic revision along with regular classes.

·         Extra or problem solving classes are arranged.

·         Well disciplined environment provided to students.

·         Student’s problems are solved immediately.

·         Personality development of students.

·         Builds positive attitude & confidence.

·         Mock test series conducted after completion of course.

·         Paper attempting strategy and Time management ideas.

·         Personal attention to each student. 

Civil Law – Paper –I                                                                                                         

ü Constitution

ü Civil Procedure code 1908 

ü Contract act 1872 

ü Partnership act    1932  

ü Transfer of  Property Act 1882 

ü Law of Torts    

ü Law relating to Lok Adalat and Permanent Lok Adalat  

ü Limitation act 1963   

ü General civil rules 

ü Law of motor Accident claims                           

ü Domestic violence act 2005

ü Hindu law

ü Muslim law

ü Easement act 1882

ü Arbitration act 1996

ü Specific relief act 1963

ü The protection of children from sexual offences Act,2012

ü Judgement writing

Criminal law– Paper –II


ü Indian Penal code 1860

ü Evidence Act 1872

ü Criminal Procedure code 1973

ü Judgement Writing

ü Ndps

ü Sc/st act

ü Juvenile Delinquency

ü Law relating to dishonor of cheques

ü Law relating to Electricity Theft

ü Cyber Laws

ü General Criminal Rules

ü Probation

 English paper- III

ü Conditional sentences, modals, Infinitive  &  gerund

ü Tenses,Active & passive voice,direct & Indirect speech

ü Prepositions

ü Co-ordnation and subordination

ü Phrasal verbs

ü Idioms

ü Determiners

ü Passage

Hindi paper- IV

ü milxZ izR;;

ü eqgkojs yksdksfRr;k¡ ikfjHkkf"kd kCnkoyh izkklfud fof/kd foks"kr%

ü kCn kqf) okD; kqf)

ü okD; jpuk fojke fpUgksa dk iz;ksx

ü laKk loZuke foks"k.k fdz;k,¡ vO;;

ü fdz;k foks"k.k lEcU/k lwpd foLe; cks/kd fuikr

ijlxZ fyax opu iq:"k dky o`fr i{k okP; kCn ;qXeksa dk vFkZHksn okD;kak ds fy, lkFkZd kCn ü leJqr fHkUukFkZd kCn lekukFkhZ kCnksa dk foosd mi;qDr kCn p;u lEcU/kokph kCnkoyh

rRle rnHko nskt fonskh Ik;kZ;okph foykse

lfU/k lfU/k foPNsn le


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